Ways to promote a loyalty program

Launching a rewards program is only the first step in nurturing long-term customer loyalty. A well-conceived planning and engaging system where the benefits of membership are clear and relevant is critical.If marketers want their loyalty programs to grow legs, then they’ll need to have them stand for something more than points.

Launching a program is relatively easy compared with the task of ensuring its consistent relevance among an organization’s target customers. Gaining this relevance requires a tightly weaved promotional program, delivered across channels, that is as well tailored as the offers and communications the program itself promotes.

Let’s look at some of the ways loyalty programs needs to be promoted.

1.Demonstrate value during browsing – It is essential that a brand embeds its loyalty program name and information – highlighting key benefits – throughout its website, making it clear to the customer what she can gain through participation. The reason is simple: Whether an organization is selling luxury clothing or hotel rooms, its loyalty program should be considered as important as the product or service in which is specializes.

2. Reward for customer account creation – Loyalty program should always be encouraging customers to register for an account. No loyalty program will be effective if no one is enrolled in the program.There are a few ways to encourage your customers to register for an account. Here are some best practices. When a customer is about to checkout, make sure you show them the point balance and rewards they will be missing if they choose to proceed as a guest.

3. Build Buzz – A brand’s most valuable customers are typically also the most likely to respond to, and talk about, new services or offers. One way companies can achieve this is by inviting their best customers to be part of something exclusive.An invitation to join a new program before it is extended to the public, for example, is more likely to produce brand and program enthusiasm that can be spread by word of mouth.

4. Promote in stages-There is no rule stating a loyalty program should offer all its features from the get-go. Rather, a program that offers a wide variety of features is more likely to confuse and overwhelm members. When a program rolls out in stages – giving brands the chance to focus on one element or channel at a time – it offers time to let organizations work out functionality issues while amply promoting the feature.

5. Give it onmipresence – Anywhere a loyalty program member’s eyes wander is where the program should be advertised. That said, there are guidelines, such as the degree to which best customers use different channels. But once established, the messaging should be seamless and integrated across the brand.

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