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A loyal customer is what everyone is after!

Customer Satisfaction-
Is that what you want to achieve for your brand? If yes, its time to wake up and expand your horizon because ‘Customer Delight’ is what you must be aspiring for. That is what everybody, whether it’s an e-commerce brand or a simple Mom n Pop store, is looking for, in order to retain their customers. And ‘delight’ comes when you give your customers something extra and make them feel special- yes, by rewarding them at every possible opportunity and you might end up having an everlasting relationship with your customers.

The above lines are good to say and read but hard to believe and achieve, because rewarding your customers frequently can be an expensive affair. However, if you are ready to show a little more faith, you can reward your customers in numerous low cost ways.

And this is what we are going to talk about in this blog covering innovative and out-of-the-box campaigns being done by various brands to win the loyalty of their customers.

GreetZAP Plus is an initiative of Times Mobile-the Telecom division of Times Internet Limited, and enables brands to track and incentivize consumer behavior across Mobile, Digital, Social, In-store, and Point-of-sale transactions through multi-channel customized solutions.

We have done and are doing many interesting campaigns with clients spread across industry segments- FMCG, Electronics and Consumer Durables etc.

Case Study 1:

Despite being one of the leading lubricant brands in the world, our client was finding it difficult to connect and engage with the end consumer. The objective was to create a long term reward program for the customers in which the customer is rewarded on every purchase.

How did we help them?

Mechanics are the most crucial decision influencers during the purchase of engine oils. and lubricants. However, in India, mechanics operate mostly in an unorganized market and many of them are less educated, not tech savvy and hence it is difficult to make them participate in the program. To overcome this, the loyalty program was built around a very simple channel i.e. enabling participation through mobile phone using a toll free no.

This loyalty program received tremendous response with over 55000 customer registrations so far.


  • One of its kind of programs that was solely created for mechanics.
  • The program has been appreciated well-over and now has been included by the client as industry best practices.
  • End to end solution development and execution by GreetZAP Plus
  • Registration of mechanics done through the on-ground team by visiting different cities.
  • Currently second phase has been launched for pan India
  • For the first time, the concept of flexi gratifications launched in India  – you can choose your gratification mix.

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