Monthly Archives: July 2013

Celebrating One Million Smiles

One million tasted sweetTimesMobile was abuzz with excitement yesterday. Reason – GreetZAP reached 1 million greetings. Reaching milestones is always a matter of pride and reaching a milestone that involves one million smiles is a matter of greater pride. It’s been a fantastic year and within 10 months of its launch GreetZAP reaches 1 million greetings. So what does it mean for the team at GreetZAP? It means a great adrenaline rush to work harder and reach many more such milestones. This also restores our unflinching faith in the social ecosystem and Aristotle’s saying that human being is a social animal. What’s interesting is the fact that we have over 8.5 lacs voice greetings and over 1 lac SMS greeting. We, as a population, inherently love to talk and that shows in the way most people chose to greet. Also, the top 3 categories of greetings being consumed on the mobile application are – Birthday / Love / personalised (customised ).

To resonate the excitement with the consumers who’ve helped achieved the milestone, a contest has been launched, wherein users need to invite their friends and win exciting prizes.

GreetZAP has received top notch ratings and reviews and now ranks among the top mobile carriers by volume of messages exchanged. Constant effort to update and bring in new features that enhances audience experience is what the team at GreetZAP strives to achieve.

Happy GreetZAPing!