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Daddy – My first love

Well as we last promised, we are back with another blog that talks about father daughter relationship and what better day than fathers day to take up the topic.

While father-son relationship is complex, father-daughter relationship is the most endearing relation. A father can say “no” to the whole world but not to her daughter. All her demands, big or small, are fulfilled with a smile. And all this because – “A son is a son till he gets his wife but a daughter is a daughter all her life”  Well, no offences to “the wives” of “the sons” because they are someone’s daughter too, ComplexJ? Read again, till you understand!!

Father or Daddy or Papa is every girl’s first hero and love. She grows up seeing her dad. Also a great father daughter relation goes a long way in personality development of a woman. Love and care from a father makes her the perfect woman and eventually helps her in making the right choices in life.

Most men in India communicate or emote less. They aren’t outright in expressing their love for their daughters or for that matter anyone else. Having said that, their action speaks volumes.

So this fathers day, rather everyday, greet your dad, express your feelings to the first hero of your life. GreetZAP gives you a free app and various way of greeting your first love. SMS greetings, musical greetings, email greetings or voice greetings, all at a click of a button.

Happy GreetZAPing!!


Happy Father’s Day

A lot already said about importance of staying connected with loved ones.. So I’ll come right to the point  ..Our social network thrives on so many relationships and every relationship is different from the other. Some relations give us support and encouragement while others fulfill our need to be loved. Most relations are tagged with names, like, brother-sister, mother-daughter, father-son, best friends, aunt-niece so on and so forth. Each of them is like a piece of puzzle and all the pieces come together to solve the puzzle called life. 

Having seen all these beautiful relations in my lifetime, I feel a strong urge of probing a little deeper into these relations. Let’s start off with father-son relation, given father’s day is soon approaching and from the outset, it appears to be the most complex relation and I am sure many heads will nod in agreement.

In most Indian households there is an eerie silence between the two. The saying goes, “jab baap ka juta bete ke per me fit aata hain tab beta – beta nahi rahta hain..dost ban jaata hai”. The son keeps trying to get into his father’s shoes all his life so that he can make friends with his dad. Eventually when the ice breaks, the gap starts narrowing and the father starts seeking advice from son. It’s a beautiful journey in itself.

The relationship between a father and a son is one of the pet themes that have been explored by the world of Hindi cinema as well. Be it Salman, racing his dad in Maine Pyar Kiyaa in 90’s or Amitabh shedding tears for Shahrukh in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham in early 2000 the list is endless.

Last Year, around Father’s Day, Ferrari ki Sawaari was released that beautifully captured relationship between a father and a son, a grandfather. 

Stay tuned for the next blog on Father-Daughter relation and don’t forget to express your love this father’s day through GreetZAP. For those of you who find it difficult to express feelings with your dad, we have unique and personalized voice cards, where you can record your special message and we at GreetZAP get it carefully delivered. It plays the message recorded in your voice, when opened. GreetZAP offers you lot of other choices as well for sending greetings- you can send SMS greetings, musical greetings, email greetings or voice greetings.

So this father’s day.. Happy GreetZAPing!!

GreetZAP introduces Social Connect

Now, Send Personalised Greetings and Gifts to your loved ones through GreetZAP and never miss an opportunity to express

In our last blog we spoke about social ecosystem and GreetZAP introduces Social Connect to revive the social ecosystem. This new Social feature of the App enables users to view birthdays of all their friends on facebook and send them birthday wishes. In-addition to posting on the facebook wall of the user, users can send Personalised Cards, eGreetings and SMS greetings to their friends. With the new app, users can also invite their friends to be part of GreetZAP. These features are available on android and iOS.  GreetZAP is now also available for Java handsets to cater to the audience who do not have smartphones. Previously such users were restricted to use GreetZAP through the wap portal ( or through the website (, which continues to be available to all users.

GreetZAP users are delighted with the new feature as the app provides users with multiple options to express their feelings and wishes to their facebook friends.