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It’s All About Social Connect

Aristole, the noted Greek philosopher said, human beings are “social animals” and therefore they naturally seek companionship of others as part of their well being. Truly so, our very core nature is to live a life surrounded by our loved ones. Each one of us has our own social ecosystem without which we cannot imagine ourselves. And this ecosystem comprises of – family, friends, relatives, the I-am-always-there” buddies, colleagues, so on and so forth.

However the fast-paced life we are living, hardly allows us to spare even a minute to stop and think about our social ecosystem. Does that mean the life we are living is actually against our basic nature? Or the core human nature has drifted away from what it was? Let’s delve on this further and maybe we become the new age Aristole.

Our parents and grandparents lived in times where social gatherings, greetings and togetherness were all part and parcel of their lives. But as we progressed, I would say, rather digressed into this dynamic era of growth, competition success, we forgot the importance of staying connected. Our daily stress-laden routines gave us little or no opportunity to relish our social ecosystem. As a result, stress related disorders went up. This brings us back to our initial question of whether the life we are living is actually against the basic nature or the core human nature has drifted? It is clear that we are forcing ourselves to live against the basic human nature and Aristole’s theory holds true even today.

It’s time we realize, we need to keep our social ecosystem alive. The question here is, how do we do that?  Let’s start off with expressing ourselves because in our everyday hush-rush lives, we have forgotten to express our feelings. To begin with, never miss an opportunity to express your appreciation, thank someone, apologize or express gratitude on special occasions.

GreetZAP, a Social Greetings and Gifting platform is an attempt to revive social interactions.

We believe that in spite of our busy schedules, it is important to remain connected with our loved ones and sprinkle joy on their faces by expressing how special they are.

GreetZAP mobile application provides unique ways of sending greetings. You can record your voice and send it as a voice greeting. GreetZAP also offers you the choice of medium for sending greetings- you can send SMS greetings, musical greetings, email greetings or voice greetings.

Another novel way by which GreetZAP can make your loved ones feel special is the option of sending Voice Cards- a revolutionary greeting card that plays the message recorded in your voice, when opened.

What’s more, you can also send gifts and flowers on special occasions to the people who mean a lot to you. It’s all about starting to express yourself and surprising special people in your life, with a sweet message or greeting every now and then.

So, go ahead and revive your social ecosystem with GreetZAP!

Happy GreetZAPing!!